3 Effective Storage Tips



We all know there is a ton of great storage stuff out there! Here are some helpful tips when it comes to storage around your home.

1) Organize First; Buy Second.

Even though it can be tempting to run to the shops and buy those pretty little storage containers, boxes and baskets –  STOP! Sort through what you already have at home and see what recycled items you can make use of first (Ice cream containers, old nappy boxes covered in wrapping paper to look pretty, biscuits tins etc.) This way, you will know exactly what you need. Check that the storage supplies you want to buy fit the space in your house and can actually store what you need them to store.


2) Use Proper Folding Techniques:

Learn how to fold properly. This will save you a lot of space in your drawers and cupboards. For example, visualise your linen cupboard, how does it look? You will be amazed how much space you save by folding items like towels, bed linen and children’s clothing properly.

There is plenty of help on simple folding techniques here.

3) Use small spaces effectively:

  • Use large flat plastic containers with a lid for storing items under your bed. This keeps the dust out as well.
  • Vacuum packing out-of-season clothing can be great for keeping winter clothes from being too bulky.
  • Multipurpose organisers which you hang behind the door. Great for storing belts, jewerelly etc.
  • Shower hangers to keep soap, shampoo etc, tidy and off the floor.

Here are just a few tips, if you have any other space saving or storage ideas please share them below!




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