8 Handy Outdoor Tips


  1. To clean canvas and outdoor furnishing fabric, saturate them with a heavy salt solution (1 kg of un-iodised salt per 9 L bucket of water) leave to dry and then just brush off.
  2. Spray cheap hairspray over the surface of your outdoor tablecloths, cushions etc. Spills can then be wiped away with a paper towel. The hairspray will come out easily in the wash.
  3. Shake out your outdoor mats regularly to remove dust and dirt
  4. Place crushed egg shells in the mailbox to prevent snails attacking your mail.
  5. Place crushed egg shells around the base of plants to avoid the leaves being eaten into.
  6. Keep spiders and other bugs out of your gumboots and outdoor shoes by placing an old stocking over the top of them. Use an elastic band to secure them.
  7. Save fish tank water each time you change it to water your house plants with it. It’s full of nutrients and makes a great fertiliser.
  8. To get glass shiny, use white vinegar and paper towel and remember to always use vertical strokes on the outside of the window and horizontal stripes on the inside. Having the strokes different allows you to see when you miss a spot.Can you think of any other helpful outdoor tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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