9 Handy Housekeeping Hacks



1) Make Use of That Wet Wipe

When you use a wet wipe, wipe down another surface before throwing it out if it isn’t too dirty. For example, if you have wiped your toddler’s hands, fold it in half again and wipe that nasty black spot on the floor before tossing it out.

2) Clean As You Go

When cooking dinner or baking a dessert, clean as you go. Avoid a HUGE wash up at the end. You will find yourself working far more efficiently if you clean and put away things as you go.

3) Use One Bath Towel

If you have young children, consider using one towel to dry all of them each day. Throw it to wash daily or every second day. This keeps the bathroom looking more tidy with just the one towel hanging as opposed to three!

4) Laundry Loads

Keep those laundry loads small and run them on a quick wash cycle. With 8 people in the house, I do two small loads every day instead of one huge load every two days. It is so much faster when it comes to hanging the washing, folding and putting away. Personally, I am not a fan of putting away gigantic piles after folding!

5) Invest In A Dust buster

I love my Dust buster! I find it so quick and handy for that speedy clean. I use mine to suck up crumbs from the floor, high chairs, in between the couch, back seat of the car, fridge, inside my drawers, hair in the bathroom etc! The great thing is that my young children can help around the house with it to and they absolutely love to.

6) Double Story House

If you live in a double story house, never walk upstairs or downstairs empty-handed. Eg: If you are passing the laundry, always bring up a pile of clothes to be put away. This is a quick way of getting jobs done without even realizing.  

7) A Clean Cloth

Microwave your cleaning cloth at the end of each night for two minutes. This kills all the bacteria.

8) A Big Rubbish Bin

If your family is growing in size, it may be time to invest in a bigger rubbish bin. With all those nappies, I found that the bin in the kitchen would get full so quickly. We bought a 40 litre bin from Bunnings and also purchased bin liners in bulk online which was fairly cheap.

9) Grab A Basket

If you are finding things lying all over the house, grab a basket and do a quick run around clearing everything off the floors and tables. When you have time later on, you can slowly put the items away in their proper places. This allows the whole house to be spotlessly neat in under 5 minutes.



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