Advent Day 17 – A Bed For Baby Jesus


Today’s activity is focused on welcoming Jesus into our homes, and hearts, at Christmas time.birth-baby-jesus-180

You will need:

  • A box, shoebox or dolls cradle
  • A blanket
  • A dolls pillow (optional)
  • A baby doll

What to do:

Talk to your children about how the Holy Family could not find anywhere to rest when they arrived in Bethlehem because all of the inns were full. In simple terms explain to them that at Christmas time we want to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and to make him feel welcome in our homes. Using your box, make a bed for Jesus. Encourage your children to welcome Jesus, through the representation of the baby doll, and tuck him in safe and sound in the special bed they have made for him.

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About the Author: I am a reformed perfectionist who is now a stay at home mum with five children under nine years of age. I am a qualified journalist and graphic designer with a decided creative streak, and run a hobby business called Emily Shaw Design + Write. I will attempt most craft activities and love to write about topical - and especially controversial - issues.

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