Ascension Craft Activity


This is a quick and easy craft to help your children understand the wonder of the Ascension.

You will need

For option one:
Ascension craft pattern
Paper or card
Pencils, crayons or textas

For option two:
The Ascension image
Sticky tape
A drinking straw
What to do

Option one
1. Download and print images from the bottom of this post onto card or paper. Colour. Cut out image of Jesus and the accompanying rectangle. Fold rectangle and attach to the back of Jesus.

2. Create a backing picture using the template at the bottom of this post.

3. Cut a straight line through the middle of the picture.

4. Feed the folded rectangle through the gap in the backing picture and pull up and down to demonstrate Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven.


Option two
1. Print picture of Jesus onto card. Colour and cut image.
Cut a drinking straw into two smaller tubes and tape onto the underside of the image of Jesus.

2. Cut one long length of string and fold in half. Knot towards the top so that you can hang it on a hook above your children’s head.

3. Thread each length through a different straw on the back of Jesus.


4. Hold onto the bottom of the string and pull out to each side and watch Jesus ascend!



NB. This is an activity you can use for the Assumption of Our Lady as well. Download the images of Jesus and Mary by clicking on the pictures below:
Jesus Ascension Craftascension backdrop 001Mary Assumption Craft 

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