Book Review: Choosing Joy ~ Dan Lord

Choosing Joy Book Cover Choosing Joy
Dan Lord
Personal Growth, Spirituality
Our Sunday Visitor
November 15, 2012
Synopsis: What is joy? Ask ten different people and you'll get ten different answers. Yet if you asked:
  • a man who grew up fatherless and destitute in the slums of Atlanta
  • a young widow who decided to bring a neglected garden back to life in spite of agonizing physical pain and a deeply wounded spirit
  • or author Dan Lord himself, ex-frontman for a popular indie rock band
each would point to the one source of their joy: Jesus. They made the choice for joy, against all odds, and so can you, though the obstacles might seem insurmountable. Worry and anxiety, pain and suffering, the daily grind--all these and more can block your path. When faced with such challenges, is it possible to get past the barriers, let go, and experience God's joy?When you look around, you might wonder-although joy is a fruit of the Spirit, it doesn't seem to be hanging visibly from many Christian boughs. Choosing Joy aims to change that-and change your life in the process-as it helps you discover the key to this most attractive but seemingly elusive gift.Choosing Joy, will help you overcome the obstacles and focus your heart, mind and strength on God so that you can receive the happiness and peace that the world cannot give.


Choosing Joy really surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect reading a book about joy. 

It was conversational and easy to read. It kept me interested the whole way through with entertaining stories and comments that literally had me “laughing out loud”.

Lord had a down to earth approach, he didn’t claim to be an expert on Joy nor felt as though he had mastered the acquisition of it either. He presented a well researched theory and called upon the example of his Father as his model. He shared his personal journey from his past as frontman of a band, his personal struggles and how anxiety, materialism and narcissism are obstacles to joy.

Intelligently written and insightful, I found myself nodding my head as it confirmed so many things I believed. I particularly enjoyed the section at the end of the book on heaven.

I received many fascinating new insights from this book. I have already recommended this book to many people I know. A fantastic book!

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