Book Review: Fast Talk And Faith

Fast Talk & Faith Book Cover Fast Talk & Faith
Mary Carver


Gilmore Girls was a TV show known (and loved) for its fast-talking, pop culture-referencing, coffee-chugging characters, but it was also a show devoted to love of family and community. These themes - as well as topics like forgiveness, kindness, and gratitude - partner well with lessons from the Bible. Christians who loved this show will be encouraged and inspired to follow this "season" of daily devotions, reminiscing about their favorite Gilmore Girls scenes and perhaps seeing them from a whole new perspective. When life makes you say, "Oy with the poodles already!" grab your mug of coffee and settle in for a conversation that will warm your heart and feed your soul.


To say I was surprised to find a devotional that incorporated Gilmore Girls and Scripture, as a means to improving our prayer lives, is something of an understatement.

To be honest, I was somewhat sceptical, but Mary Carver has written a bright, engaging and thought provoking devotional. It covers a range of topics, including; fashion, judgement, avoidance and working from home.

Fast Talk and Faith is not a Catholic devotional as such. What it does seem to do well is use ideas from the popular show, coupled with Scripture (think of Gilmore’s giving up coffee coupled with Jonah ignoring his problems) to help highlight areas in our own lives that need work.

Each chapter is short and succinct so it’s perfect for the time-poor, OK, just mums in general. It does also include a chapter or two of particular interest to the working mum.

If you’re a fan of the Gilmore Girls, or just in need of a fresh approach to your prayer life, this book is more than worthwhile.

I grabbed my copy here.



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