Book Review: The Holy Spirit, Fire Of Divine Love

The Holy Spirit, Fire Of Divine Love Book Cover The Holy Spirit, Fire Of Divine Love
Father Wilfrid Stinissen
Ignatius Press
Electronic and paperback


Acclaimed spiritual writer Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen presents insightful reflections on the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity, emphasizing the importance of the Spirit in the life of a Christian. He illustrates that the Holy Spirit desires to live in us so that we can love God and others with God's own love. As the Holy Spirit descended upon the early Church at Pentecost to set the world ablaze with the fire of divine love, so He wants to do with us.

God, who is One, also desires the Church to be one, Fr. Stinissen writes. The Lord wants to unify all Christians in one holy Church, and all people in one body. The Holy Spirit is the great unifier, he says, for it is he who makes the Father and the Son one God. If Christians let him live within them, they will grow in unity.





This gem of a book is an exploration of the elusive Third person of the Holy Trinity: The Holy Spirit, and as such it expounds the different ways in which the Spirit is referred to, described and understood.

I have to admit that I found that each chapter read somewhat like a homily – although I did not have the distraction of my restless children in the pew as I reflected on the message – in that they were clear and concise, packed with Gospel references and not aimed above the intelligence of the congregation.

Fr Wilfrid Stinissen O.C.D. writes with a style that is both informative and succinct. He is not given to elaborate descriptions but instead has written in such a way that he constructs a veritable framework through which we can better come to know, and understand, the dynamic life-giver that is the Holy Spirit.

In dispersed with spiritual references and inspirations from Saints, it is a wealth of information and yet an excellent aid to meditation upon the Holy Spirit.

My favourite passages included his discussion of marriage and agape and his discussion about the motherly aspect of God and a woman’s call to be a life-giver in the Church, just like the Holy Spirit. In just these two sections are a treasure of ideas for all wives and mothers to contemplate.

But these are just two short sections, there is much more upon which to contemplate!

The Holy Spirit, Fire of Divine Love is a book well timed in publication for the upcoming Feast of Pentecost. I’d encourage everyone who has ever wanted to know better the Holy Spirit, that vital Spirit we received at our Confirmation, to open this book and meditate on Fr Stinissen’s words.

This is a book well worth the investment for anyone looking to improve their prayer life and their relationship with the Trinity.

You can get your copy here.


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