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Babywearing Part Two - Ring Slings and Pouches

Babywearing Part Two – Ring Slings and Pouches

In part two of the series, we will be looking at Ring Slings and Pouches. These are probably the second most well known baby carriers after Soft Structured Carrier’s.  Both are marketed as being good for newborns and toddlers alike, but current recommendations on safe babywearing would suggest that pouch carriers are not suitable for newborns. […]

You're Stopping Now...Right?

You’re Stopping Now…Right?

  I have four children under seven, I’ll admit it. For many people inside and outside of Catholic circles, is a hard pill to swallow. That I would actually, consciously decide to have four children that close together. So now that my youngest is getting older, he’s six months old by the way, there’s a […]

Postpartum Pests

Postpartum Pests

  Congratulations, you’re a mum! You made it through the gruelling, excruciating process of labour and childbirth but, guess what? It’s not over! Here are some of the postpartum symptoms you may experience: In the first few days Episiotomy pain – whether your tore or had an episiotomy that wound is going to hurt for […]

"I Had My Baby By C-Section" – Just One Mum’s Experience

“I Had My Baby By C-Section” – Just One Mum’s Experience

  I am a mother of three children and have had two of them via natural birth and my middle daughter was an elective C-section. I would just like to share my experience of how I found the whole process of having a C-section compared to natural birth. With my first son, I labored for […]

You’re Having Your [insert number] Child?

You’re Having Your [insert number] Child?

In the last few months we announced to family and friends that we were having our fourth child. At present we have three children under six and our eldest is not yet at school though he will be next year. We knew the responses would be mixed, but we weren’t quite prepared for how significant […]