Child Proof Folding: Frilly Tops

Do you have trouble folding your daughter’s frilly shirts? Do you find them untidy, bulky and difficult to stack? Do your children like to pull out the shirt from the bottom of the stack sending your pile tumbling? This often requires you to refold everything which can be time consuming.

Are you sick of having to re-fold over and over to the point of wanting to throw in the towel (or shirt)?

This folding technique will make stacking and storing your folded items easy.  It will make folding frilly shirts easy and present them in a neat and tidy way. It will remove the need to refold your children’s clothing before replacing it in the cupboard.
It will make your cupboards more presentable and maintainable than ever!


This technique originates from Europe. I learn’t it from my Polish Mother-in-Law. She learn’t this folding technique growing up,  as a necessity. In a very populated country, where homes are small and storage space is limited, creativity needs to come into play to maximise the space you have and use it most effectively. This technique evolved to ease in stacking items as high as the shelf will allow, while maintaining balance and presentation as items are removed.

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