Children’s Colour Chart – Helping To Understand Feelings

 Children's Colour Chart - Helping To Understand Feelings

This is a simple colour chart which I made for my children. It is a great visual aid to help them understand their own feelings as well as how you as a parent may be feeling. The main point of this chart is that is allows you to speak calmly to your child without having to raise your voice in any given situation. Each colour on the chart represents a different feeling.

GREEN: Happy,Calm, Feeling Okay, Focused, Ready to Learn

BLUE: Sad, Sick, Tired, Bored, Moving Slowly

YELLOW: Frustrated, Worried, Silly, Excited, Wrigley, Beginning to lose Control

RED: Mad, Angry, Terrified, Hitting, Out of Control, Elated

The chart works both ways, either to reflect on your feelings as a parents or for your child to reflect on his or her own feelings. Here is an example:

Eg 1: Mummy is feeling stressed as everyone is in the kitchen and I’m trying to cook dinner. Mummy is at ‘Yellow’. I want to be calm and happy again and back to ‘Green’ so please move out of the kitchen.

Eg 2: I can see that your little brother keeps knocking over your blocks. This is making you feel very frustrated. You are at ‘Yellow’. Mummy does not want you to go to ‘Red’ so why don’t we read a book together until you feel calm again and back to ‘Green’?

Go through the chart with your children and discuss the colours and what each one means. Ask them to tell you something which may make them feel a certain colour. This is to ensure they understand all the different emotions associated with their respective colours.


- 4 pieces of coloured paper cut into large circles (Green, Blue,Yellow, Red)

- Large poster paper

- Permanent marker

- Pictures of different emotions (either printed or drawn and coloured in)


Divide the poster into 4 columns. Place one coloured circle at the top of each column. Under each colour, draw or have a print out of the appropriate behaviours/ feelings. EG: Under the Green circle, you will have pictures of a relaxed child/ a happy child…followed by words such as ‘calm, okay, happy’.

This is a WONDERFUL tool and a great visual aid. Stick it on the fridge for the kids to see. Works particularly well for parents who tend to raise their voice quite quickly (like me! Hehe).


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