Choosing Beauty

Choosing Beauty Book Cover Choosing Beauty
Gina Loehr


This book stems from the author’s realisation, one Ash Wednesday morning, that she was addicted to her makeup. In this book, Loehr outlines a basis for reflection, and plan of action through which women can be their most beautiful.

We will never reach the fullness of our physical beauty until we have reached the fullness of our spiritual beauty – food for thought, and the central premise of this book.

Through real life examples and friendly explanations of the teachings of the Catholic Church, Loehr exposes the myths of beauty and appearance and instead, explains what real beauty is, and how we can achieve it.

‘Choosing beauty’ helps girls and women work through issues like gossiping, insecurities about appearance, and gives them practical tips for leading a virtuous life. Loehr explains: ‘whenever you choose virtue, you are also choosing beauty.’

It certainly encourages you to take stock of your life, assess your spiritual warts and wrinkles, as well as providing example of ‘beautiful’ women to inspire you.

This book is also versatile and can be used individually, or as a text for group discussion, as a resource for youth ministers trying to encourage inner beauty in the young women they work with, and it’s also a great book for mothers and daughters to work through together.

At times, the questions for discussion were confronting, Loehr encourages the reader to think, and break free from our slavery to social vanity. Through this book, teenage girls and women of all ages, can reclaim their ‘feminine genius’ and encourage others to do the same.

I highly recommend this book to all women over the age of 13 and especially for any female who has ever felt insecure about the way they look – this book will change the way you see yourself!

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