DIY Coat Hanger Christmas Wreath


One of the simplest and eye catching ways to decorate at Christmas time is by way of a wreath. Here is a simple tutorial you can adapt to create your own individual wreath.


To start with you will need one wire coat hanger.

Bend the coat hanger so that instead of the triangular shape you now have a circle or as close to a circle as you can manage.


Leave the hook intact because you can use it to hang up your finished wreath.

In order to decorate your coat hanger wreath there are several options:

1. Tinsel – wrap tinsel around the coat hanger, using sticky tape or string to fix down the edges. You could use more than one colour to create a candy stripe effect.


2. Fabric scraps – collect scraps of fabrics in Christmas colours and cut/tear into strips 1inchx6inch and tie in knots around the circle. The knots will keep the fabric in place and the fabric will fray and add a shabby chic effect. For a more rustic look you could opt for hessian or burlap scraps.

3. Ribbon or lace – using the same method as the fabric scraps option above, cutting ribbon or lace in 6inch lengths will create a very individual wreath.

4. Native flora – there are some beautiful native Australian plants like flowering Eucalypts and bottle brushes, that with their contrasting red and green colours that are perfect for creating a Christmas wreath. You will need gardening gloves and pruning shears to cut branches from their shrubs, and you can attach them to the coat hanger with small lengths of tire wire or gardening twine.

5. Christmas baubles – these are available in so many colours and sizes and you can construct without any messy glue. I purchased bauble packs from Kmart and the strings were not attached. This meant I could use the same piece of string to attach up to 8 baubles to the coat hanger. All in all I used close to 100 4cm baubles but you could vary the size of the bauble for a different effect.


These are just a few ideas but if you have more, please feel free to share them below!




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About the Author: Emily is a former ACPA award winning editor and journalist turned stay at home mum and blogger. She lives on a farm in regional NSW with her husband and their five children where she spends the time she should be doing housework reading books and writing posts.

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