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A little while back Sarah H posted a great tutorial on making Jesse Tree ornaments here. And while I loved her set, something I have a lot of is fabric, not wood. With this in mind I created a felt ornament set that was true to Sarah’s original painted images.

Because the designs are fairly simple and not too time consuming I sewed these a few days ahead of the day they were needed on our Jesse Tree – just a simple tree I purchased from the Reject Shop.

You can make each ornament as detailed or as simple as you like.

What you’ll need:

  • Felt – if you’re using the pre-cut sheets you’re going to need 4 purple, and 1 of grey, brown, green x2 shades, 2x shades blue, yellow, red, white, 2x shades brown, cream
  • String – about 2.5m
  • Embroidery thread in assorted colours
  • Needle and scissors
  • Sewing machine and white thread for the borders
  • Pattern – pdf below tutorial

What to do:

The idea for each ornament is the same. First start by cutting two purple background pieces. I used two different purples, one for the front and one for the back. Set aside one circle.

Cut out the felt pieces for the ornament.

Pin onto front background piece.


Hand sew in place, starting from the bottom layer.




Add in any details (some pieces like Noah’s Ark use French knots or have other stitched details).

Cut a piece of string to 10cm and fold in half. Pin cut ends to the wrong (under) side of the finished front piece. Baste in place.

Pin the back circle you set aside earlier, to the wrong side of the finished front piece. Sew, either by hand or on the sewing machine, a border using a straight stitch.


Finished! Now on to the next one…


Some ornaments have more details like the French Knots on Noah’s Ark.


You can make the pieces as simple or as detailed as you like.


Each ornament is not too time consuming. You could sew them only a day or two before you need to hang them.


Click here for the Jesse Tree felt pattern!




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