Holy Week: Build A Church


St Fara convinced her Dad to build a convent. At the heart of every convent is the Church of Christ. You can build a church!

Build A Church

You will need:

  • Church template below this post
  • Paper and/or cardboard
  • Colouring in materials
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Scissors

What to do:

Print out template. Colour.




Turnover and fold along all straight, solid lines and all tabs.


Glue Church together using tabs, beginning on the side where the roof has a tab.


Then glue other side until all tabs are covered.




church template 001



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About the Author: I am a reformed perfectionist who is now a stay at home mum with five children under nine years of age. I am a qualified journalist and graphic designer with a decided creative streak, and run a hobby business called Emily Shaw Design + Write. I will attempt most craft activities and love to write about topical - and especially controversial - issues.

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