Holy Week: Charity Itself



It can be hard to see Christ in everyone we come into contact with, especially those close to us who know how to push our buttons. Lent is a good time to take stock of our relationships and see where we are failing to love those around us. Perhaps we do not respect our parents or our spouse as much as we should or maybe there’s that one member of our family that we just can’t speak to without feeling frustrated or hurt. Letting go of our pride, resentment and bitterness can be difficult but in the spirit of Lent, why not give it a try?

Almsgiving challenge: Finalise your monies from Week 1 and visit/call that member of your family that you struggle to love as well as God calls us to. Try to be charity itself.


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About the Author: I am a reformed perfectionist who is now a stay at home mum with five children under nine years of age. I am a qualified journalist and graphic designer with a decided creative streak, and run a hobby business called Emily Shaw Design + Write. I will attempt most craft activities and love to write about topical - and especially controversial - issues.

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