Honey, I’m Home!


Sometimes when life gets busy, we can fall into a little trap. A trap of having everything a little too ‘practical’. When this happens we tend to fit people in to part of a routine, a schedule. This unfortunately includes the ones we love the most.

When your husband gets home from work, how do you greet him after hours of being apart? That very moment each day can be a great opportunity for our love and affection to shine through.

  1. Drop all you are doing, and give him that minute or two. (EG, stop chopping the veggies, switch off the TV etc.)
  2. Embrace him with a warm hug, kiss or both.
  3. Be genuinely concerned about how his day went. Show enthusiasm and cheerfulness in the way you greet him, regardless of how your day has been with the children.
  4. Give him time to unwind from his day before you unload anything about yours. This can be a great way to exercise patience and generosity on your part, even if you are itching to talk about yourself and your day!
  5. NEVER a harsh first word or sentence, “EG: I told you not to walk on your carpet with your shoes!!”

So tonight, instead of a simple ‘hey’ to greet him, remember to SMILE’.

  • Stop and drop all you are doing
  • Meet with a hug and kiss
  • Interest in his day
  • Let him unwind
  • Encouraging words and never criticize  

It is in these precise moments that the love is kept alive in our marriage. We should be falling more in love, not more into a routine with our husbands, remembering that he is the most special person in our life!



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About the Author: Mother of 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. A proud stay-at-home-mum and Co-founder of the website. Jill has a strong Catholic faith. "I believe it's really important to have a support network for mums to connect and learn from each other." She also has a Degree in Primary Teaching from Melbourne University.

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