How To Remove The Toughest 5 Stains!


There are so many different opportunities for stains when you have a family, times are busy and the kids are just having fun!

Here are some helpful tips to remove 5 of the toughest stains us Mums will come across:

  1. Makeup stains like foundation, lipsticks and mascara: wipe them with a small amount of white spirits. Five minutes later paint them with a paste of Vanish NapiSan and water. Leave for a further five minutes before washing as normal.
  2. Remove sunscreen from your t-shirts, by rubbing normal dishwashing detergent into the stain with your fingertips. The stain is water-soluble and can be washed out on a normal cycle in the machine. This tip works for most oil-based stains.
  3. To remove grass stains, wipe with a small amount of white spirits before soaking overnight in Vanish NapiSan. Wash normally.
  4. To remove red wine from carpet, place paper towel over the stain and absorb as much moisture out of it as you can. Once this is done, sprinkle the stain with a small amount of bicarb soda. Wait a couple of minutes then sponge the bicarb soda out with a cloth wrung out tightly in white vinegar. With heavy stains you may need to do this several times.
  5. To remove oil from silk clothing, gently rub cornflour into the area and lightly brush off. Cover the oil mark completely with more cornflour and leave to sit for a few hours. Shake clothing free of flour and then hand wash, or use a gentle machine cycle.

Have any other helpful tips? Leave them in the comments below, or write to us if you want to become a blogger and share your trade secrets with our community of Mums!


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