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Do you find yourself getting distracted during mental prayer? Does your mind wander? Do you ever have a problem that you wish you could just vent to someone but it is too personal to share? Perhaps you are just yearning to develop your relationship with God but you find it difficult to make time for prayer? Does the idea of mental prayer seems daunting and you don’t know where to begin? Perhaps a prayer journal could work for you!

Some of the great things about the prayer journal is that it solves all these problems and more, it helps you grow close in your relationship with God.


What Is A Prayer Journal?

I was asking this same thing not long ago! It can be used for many things; a place to write inspirational quotes, a place to write prayer intentions, a place to collate your favourite prayers, a place to collage your precious collection of spiritual images. Most importantly though it is a place to have conversation with Jesus. In a similar way to a journal or diary, you write the date in the corner and pour you heart out. But this time it is different, because someone is there to listen.


Some Benefits To The Prayer Journal

It Is Very Hard To Get Distracted And Off Track:

Have you ever been part way through a conversation with God and found your mind skip over to some unrelated tangent. You may be discussing life’s problems with Jesus and the next thing you know you are thinking about next week’s shopping list! One thing I love about the prayer journal is that it helps you stay on track, because it slows down your thoughts to the speed you can write them. This means you are much more conscious of your thoughts and what you are praying about, rather than the blur of our fast moving minds.

It’s Private:

Another thing I love about the prayer journal, is that it is my own personal time of conversation with my best friend, Jesus! And He is so ready to listen! Sometimes we get bogged down with our emotions and overwhelmed with what’s on our plate and we just need to vent! Often times our husbands cop the brunt of this, and lets face it, if they catch us on a bad day it can be quite a lump for them to swallow! And often times we needn’t overload them, all we want to do is get our words out! It is such a relief to be able to give this all to Jesus rather than make our husbands feel hopeless in the process!

It Keeps A Record:

Something very useful about the prayer journal is that you can keep a record of your prayers. You might like to add your prayer intentions in your journal, this is a great way of keeping track of your prayers and when they have been answered! It is also good to reflect back on what seems to be a frequent challenge for you. Do you find when you come to the journal to vent you are talking about the same things? Perhaps these are some things you could pin point to work on?

It’s Structured:

One thing I love about this is that you are clearly articulating yourself, and getting your words out. Often times women in particular organise their thoughts by speaking them (or writing them!) It can be such a muddle when its inside your head, but once your thoughts are out you can find your peace again. Obviously this is why its so great to chat to a friend! But if you are isolated at home, or want to discuss things that are private the prayer journal is great for this!


So How Do I Start A Prayer Journal?

Step 1. Buy yourself a journal. It could be as practical as a standard school book or a beautiful small journal. Give it a designated pen, so you always have one there when you need it.

You can take it one step further and paste some inspiration religious pictures inside or on the cover.

And that’s all you need!

Step 2. Take the 7 day challenge!

I challenge you to start a prayer journal and commit to writing in it, once a day, for at least 7 days straight and see how your life changes.


7 Day Challenge!

It doesn’t matter what you write but if you need some structure you could do either of these ways (or both!)

A Morning Entry: Start your day with God

Find some time in the morning, perhaps while you eat breakfast, to plan your day.

Some things for you to consider in your entry:

– Ask God for strength, ahead of time, for moments when you anticipate you will be at your weakest.
– Take this opportunity to be conscious of making use of your day, and not wasting this precious time God has given you. What can you do today to best serve God?

Remember the virtues: Temperance (Self-control), Prudence (wisdom), Fortitude (Courage), Justice, Faith, Hope and Charity.
– What virtue do you struggle with mastering?
– What could you do today to be more Charitable with your children and your husband?
– What is something you can do today to practice self control?
– What can you do today to strengthen your faith?
– What time today can you set aside for spiritual reading? What will you read?
– Is there a responsibility of yours you have been putting off? What time today could you schedule in this task?
– What is one thing I could do better today as a mother?
– What is one thing I could do better today as a wife?

* * *

Evening Entry:

Writing in the evening can be a great opportunity to reflect on the day and even do an examination of conscience.

Here are some questions for you to answer:

– What did you do today? Speak to God in the same way you would speak to one of your friends. He knows what you did but He loves to hear it in your own words.
– What is the best thing that happened today? Why?
Remember to thank God for that moment He gave you and meditate on what God could be doing in your life.
– Did you have a fruitful day?
– How did you spend your free time?
– What were you disappointed with today?
– Were there any moments today you feel you need to seek God’s forgiveness? Say sorry for these things.
– What are some things you could work on for tomorrow?
– Thank God for your day, and all the things that you are grateful for.
– What is it you need to ask from God to strengthen you for tomorrow?


By doing this each day you will be more aware of what God is doing in your life.

Good luck with your prayer journal! I hope it works for you!


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