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I have been eating predominantly gluten free for a couple of years now. I do have gluten occasionally; this can be due to being polite when I am out at a friends house and served gluten or if I slip up and take a bite of my husbands garlic bread! Yet I do try to stay gluten free or rather, low gluten . This is not being I am gluten intolerant, coeliac or anything which may cause me great suffering after eating it, it is mainly due to GUT HEALTH.

Never heard of it? You should! 

I only know a little about the topic, yet its enough for me to try to live a healthier lifestyle! I am not a doctor, medical or health professional, simply just a mum who is interested in health trends. 

Chriss Kesser, who has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternative medicine for over 15 years, has written a great article in his series ‘9 ways to protect your health’ number 5 being “Heal your Gut!”. He goes on to explain how gut health is critical for our over health. If you have read any of my other articles you would understand how overall and long term health is the aim of the game here!

Kesser explains how an unhealthy gut can impact diabetes, obesity, arthritis, autism spectrum disorder, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Now this is what he explains and for the sake of the article I have not researched this further, yet intend to do so. It would be interesting to read other research and find out how accurate or to what degree gut health affects or doesn’t affect these areas. 

He discusses the “gut flora” and the “gut barrier”. These areas affect our overall health. This is of interest to myself and I intend to nut it out further with research when I have the time. I liked this article and found it of interest to read, you can access it here

Kessor urges us to restore our gut health, by avoiding gluten and wheat, remove all toxins from your diet; eat yoghurt and sauerkraut (can be bought at the supermarket!); eat fibres such as sweet potatoes and I’ll leave you to read the rest of his article if you’re interested in reading further.

So for now I am continuing on my low – and even free from – gluten lifestyle and will avoid toxins and other unnecessary foods which may contribute to making my gut  ‘unhealthy’. Although my slight obsession with quinoa amongst other things prevents me from forming to paleo altogether! 

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