Is Sleep Overrated?


It is said that a sufficient amount of sleep is essential for one to operate. For many Mums though isn’t it true that we have to operate and function just the same regardless of how many hours of sleep we got last night?

Whether you are feeding bub, changing wet bed sheets or singing a child back to sleep after bad dreams, we can sometimes get up multiple times a night. Let’s face it, as Mums, we are often sleep deprived or would describe ourselves as ‘delusional’ or ‘zombie-like’ depending on the night we had!

So how do we function with little or no sleep?

Trick yourself: Yes, this works!

I often wake up (if I even managed sleep that night) and tell myself it’s a new day and I am feeling great! I get dressed out of my PJs and begin my day with a positive attitude. The kids will still awake at their usual time and often be just as demanding as ever. Try to keep your patience and don’t get overwhelmed with the day’s work. Remember to take everything in your stride.

Exercise, even for a few minutes

Notice I did not say go for a jog or get to the Gym, because for many of us this is just not possible. Do we really want to load two kids in the stroller then strap a newborn to us, then jog? Probably not.

When you get out of bed in the morning, you could try jogging on the spot or doing some star jumps. This releases endorphins which will increase energy levels for the day. Exercise in general can be a positive mood booster!

Eat nutritious foods

If you can, try to get some healthy food in and keep a balanced diet drinking plenty of water. Avoid high sugary foods as this will boost your energy only for a short while then have the opposite effect and make you feel lethargic and sluggish soon after.

I will try to have some fresh salad, fruits and lots of water during the day. Milo also seems to do the trick on keeping energy levels up.

Keep Moving

Get up and move around to remind your body that you’re not allowed to go to sleep yet. Your body will be running on adrenaline, so just keep going! Play with your children, walk the dog, run out to get the mail, just stay active!

Power Nap

Having a power nap for 5-20 minutes will do wonders! Do not nap for longer than 30 minutes, as you do not want to fall into a deep sleep. If your children nap during the day, take this opportunity to rest your body too. I know it may be tempting to do other things but it is important to recharge your body.


Caffeine can make you more alert and enhance your energy levels. Just be careful of consuming too much caffeine though as this can cause other symptoms such as jitteriness and dizziness.

We would love more tips or funny stories on how you survive your day with minimum sleep! There are a lot of us out there in the same boat.


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About the Author: Mother of 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. A proud stay-at-home-mum and Co-founder of the website. Jill has a strong Catholic faith. "I believe it's really important to have a support network for mums to connect and learn from each other." She also has a Degree in Primary Teaching from Melbourne University.

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