Keep Bringing Your Young Children to Mass!


Bringing young child to mass is not easy. Children can be fidgety, bored, and restless. Sometimes they just don’t want to be there. If your children are anything like mine you may have experienced the arguing, toy dropping, tears and children running up and down the pews.

So why persist with bringing your young child to mass?

Here is why:

Listening to a wonderful priest giving a homily recently, I was again inspired to persevere in attending daily mass. I have to admit, it still does not make it easier with 3 very active little ones, but it certainly helped me understand the value of each mass.

When you are distracted at mass, ask for the help of our Blessed Mother Mary. She is standing at the foot of the alter, just like she stood at the foot of the cross at Calvary. We contemplate Christ who offers himself lovingly for each one of us.

Bring something to every mass, never go empty handed to Our Lord. During consecration, abandon in Him those personal problems; the joys and sorrows which are closest to your heart.

For each mass that is celebrated, the heavens open and you are surrounded by a multitude of holy angles, saints and all the souls in purgatory. They are praying and interceding for you. Heaven is an eternal mass.

In those precious moments before receiving Our Lord, recollect your thoughts and make many acts of Faith, asking for His forgiveness. Receive every communion as if it were your last.

Treat our Lord well in those 10 or 15 minutes after you receive him. Treasure these moments, as the time you spend with Jesus after receiving Him in the Eucharist is beyond words.

God is infinitely good. Unite yourself to our Lord in the Mass and give thanks.”

When I feel myself distracted or discouraged during mass, I repeat the ‘Spiritual Communion’ which helps me keep presence of God. “I wish, Lord, to receive You with the purity, humility and devotion with which Your most holy Mother received You, with the spirit and fervor of the saints.”

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About the Author: Mother of 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. A proud stay-at-home-mum and Co-founder of the website. Jill has a strong Catholic faith. "I believe it's really important to have a support network for mums to connect and learn from each other." She also has a Degree in Primary Teaching from Melbourne University.

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