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This advent the kids and I have been having fun getting creative preparing for Christmas. Oneimg_5673 of the ways we have done this is by making our very own Christmas Story Book.

I have taken the inspiration from our Advent Activity Calendar, made by Emily Shaw. If your kids love colouring in then this is the perfect Christmas craft for you!
You make the book from colouring-in pages. Colouring in one page per day. You can make it as detailed or as simple as you like. I have included 14 pages in our book, simply because my kids were so keen, but that can easily be reduced to 5. All you need is a black and white printer and colouring pencils.

* * *

One of the things I love about this craft is it becomes a great opportunity to speak to your children about the messages in the Christmas story, all the way from Mary’s “yes” at the Annunciation to the wise and rich three kings who adored Jesus on bended knee.

Below I have included links to all the colouring pages I used, with a few extra choices for each page. I have also included some words to write next to your pages.

You write the words on the back of the previous page, so it sits next to the colouring page you are talking about once your book is stapled.

Your book should look something like this..

1. Cover Page
2. Zechariah and Elizabeth
3. Zechariah in the temple
4. Annunciation of the birth of Jesus
5. Mary visits Elizabeth
6. John the Baptist is born
7. Journey to Bethlehem
8. No room at the Inn
9. Jesus is born
10. Angels giving news to Shepherds
11. Adoration of the Shepherds
12. Wise men see the star
13. Adoration of the Magi
14. Final Page

As you can see I have included the story of John the Baptist as well. This is optional. If you have a kid that loves colouring then even better! I have found it is good to include it because, firstly, it explains the baby in Elizabeth’s tummy who “leaps for joy” but also he is an important symbol of preparation and preparing the way of the Lord and preparation is what advent is all about!

Links and words below:

Zechariah and Elizabeth:
There was once a man named Zechariah, his wife was Elizabeth. They loved God and were faithful to him. They didn’t have children, but prayed to be blessed with one. They were getting older and did not think they would ever have children. 
Click here for Colouring page

Zechariah in the temple:
Zechariah was alone in the temple. All of a sudden, the angel Gabriel appeared. He told Zechariah that his wife was going to have a baby, he would be a prophet who would prepare the way for the Lord! Zechariah did not believe they could have a child at their age, but anything is possible with God! Because he did not believe, he was unable to speak until the day his son was born.
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

The Annunciation of the birth of Jesus:
The Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. He spoke to her “Hail, full of grace!
God has chosen you to give birth to His Son.” She asked him how this would happen, because she wasn’t married yet. The angel said, “the Holy Spirit will come down upon you and rest on you.” Mary said yes to God. She will filled with the Holy Spirit and filled with joy! She became pregnant with a baby boy; Emmanuel. Which means “God with us” 
Click here for Colouring page.

Mary Visits Elizabeth:
Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit! She is so excited to see Mary, img_5676the Mother of God has come to visit her! “Blessed are you and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” She says to Mary. The baby within Elizabeth leaps for joy! He knows Jesus is here and has come to save the world! They are both filled with joy!
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

The Birth of John the Baptist:
Mary stayed with Elizabeth for 3 months. Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy. All the family were trying to decide on a name for the boy, a family name. All of a sudden Zechariah could speak once more, he announced that the boy’s name shall be John. He praised God and thanked him for blessing them with this child.
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

The Journey:
Mary and Joseph were told they must travel to Bethlehem for the census. They travelled for several days. It was a long and tiring journey, especially for Mary whose tummy was very big with baby Jesus inside. Joseph walked the whole way and Mary rode on a donkey.
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

No Room at the Inn:
Once they arrived in Bethlehem, they were tired from their journey. They needed to find somewhere to stay. But there was no room for them. A kind inn keeper offered them a place in his stable.
Click here for colouring page

The Nativity:
It came time for Mary to have her baby. Beautiful baby Jesus! They did not have a bed for him, so Mary wrapped him in swaddling clothes and placed him in the hay filled manger. Mary and Joseph were filled with joy! The saviour of the world is here. It is the first Christmas.
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

Angels Telling Shepherds:
In a nearby field shepherds were looking after their flocks. All of a sudden the skies were filled with the most beautiful angels from heaven, singing and praising God! They came to tell the Shepherds the good news! The Saviour is born! The Shepherds were so excited. They eagerly went to stable to adore baby Jesus.
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

img_5675Adoration of Shepherds:
Mary and Joseph welcomed the Shepherds into the stable. The Shepherds knelt before Jesus, filled with peace and joy, and they adored him. What a precious gift God has given us in his only Son!
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

Wise Men follow the Star:
The three wise men studied the skies. They could see a special star, a star that told them that the true king was coming. They followed this star far and wide, to where it rested above the town of Bethlehem. Here the king had been born. They were very excited to meet him.
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

Adoration of Wise Men:
The wise men finally arrived. They met Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. They adored baby Jesus as the one true king. Honouring him as their king they each brought a special gift for him. Gold, frankincense and myrrh.”
Colouring Pages: Click here (option 1)  or  Click here (option 2)

Final Page:
“Happy Birthday Jesus”
You could include the lyrics to silent night here to sing with your children if you like.
Click here for colouring page

Cover Page:
You can finish the book off by creating your very own personalised cover! Using your Nativity page again or anything you can think of! You could cut it out and paste it on some coloured paper for flare. Have fun!




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