How To Make A Stylish Pearl Bracelet

This is a very simple way to make a feminine bracelet that you can match to any outfit.


You will need:

  • 1m of 9mm or 10mm satin ribbon in your colour of choice.
  • Pearl beads (about 9mm in diameter)
  • Beading elastic
  • Needle with an eye big enough to run the elastic through.

What to do:

1. Start about 10 cm along your ribbon and make a small fold.

2. Knot beading elastic firmly through this fold.


3. Run needle through ribbon and thread on first bead.

4. Thread through ribbon once and then make a small fold and thread needle through this as well.IMG_2553

5. Repeat.


6. Continue in this way until your bracelet reaches the desired length and drapes nicely on your wrist.

7. Finish after threading your final ribbon, fold and then join the two ends together with the beading elastic and knot.


8. Leave 10cm length on the end of the ribbon and cut. Tie a bow and trim neatly.


9. You will need to add a few stitches here with thread to prevent your bow coming undone.

Optional alteration: Why not try two strands on one bracelet? Start as shown above and after joining the first strand together continue in the same fashion and create a second strand.


 Finish by tying a knot and bow around both strands.



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About the Author: Emily is a former ACPA award winning editor and journalist turned stay at home mum and blogger. She lives on a farm in regional NSW with her husband and their five children where she spends the time she should be doing housework reading books and writing posts.

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