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Good morning! That is if you managed some sleep last night. I consider myself lucky as both by 3-year old and baby awoke at the same time last night, 3am; one for a feed and the other from a bad dream. I am humored how my ideas of sleep have changed so drastically, from expecting to get a solid eight hours a night to appreciating one glorious hour at a time!

I have come to realize that every mother’s day is busy, even if it is just following a usual routine. To share with you, this is how my morning unfolded, along with some tips on how I managed!

My husband and I smile cheerfully at one another as we sit down to have our breakfast. All three kids are up and there is already noise and chaos!  

TIP #1: Always smile and create the best atmosphere in the house for your husband before he leaves for work in the morning. That is the last impression he will have of you and the kids for several hours so make the most of those precious moments together.

7.30am and its time to get the kids fed. Lots of crunching, spills and mess, but they seem to enjoy their breakfast! I encourage my 3-year old to sweep up the mess made on the floor and he manages to do a pretty good job.  My 18 month old slams her fists onto her high chair demanding more food. My 6 month old rolls onto his tummy then proceeds to throw up after having a full bottle of milk. My 3-year-old also notices and starts shouting “mummy vomit on the floor, vomit on the floor!” I hold my breath for a second. It is not even 8am.

TIP #2: Taking a deep breath in those demanding situations can be so helpful! Try not to shout at your kids and take everything in your stride.  Attend to the one who is being the most difficult first to calm the situation.

I am conscious of the time as I need to be out the door by 9am to get to mass! It is something I have done since having my first child; attending daily Mass. I find that starting my morning with Mass brings a lot of peace and structure to my day. When I had my second child, bringing two little people to church was still relatively easy. Getting three children ready for mass and out the door however is definitely a challenge!

We are all dressed and ready to leave the house; my 18 month old has taken off her shoes for the third time! I yell at her to “PUT them back on!” Already broken my own rule of taking that nice and easy approach! The three kids are out the door and heading to the car which is less than 10 metres away. My son decides it is the perfect time to run to his toy lawn mower and mow the lawn. We are now running 5 minutes late!

TIP #3: Sometimes we simply cannot help or change the situation. Children often cannot be rushed or hurried. Relax and accept what is happening at that present moment.

After mass we attempt my usual morning grocery shop. Three kids are loaded in the trolley and we are ready to go. I pace up and down the supermarket aisles with focus and on a mission, grabbing everything I need.  When it comes to paying for the items, I prefer to use the ‘self-check-out’ machines.  My 18 month old is fidgety and bored and I am trying to restrain her from jumping out of the trolley. I scan my items, bag the groceries and proceed to pay; my 3-year old continues to fire those ‘why’ questions at me relentlessly. It’s nearly home time!

TIP # 4: Patience really is a virtue! Answer your children calmly and treat them with affection even if they are wearing you out. Do it out of love and cherish those moments with them.

The drive back home consists of whining, crying, shouting, laughter and music all rolled into one. As we pull up the driveway, the kids tumble out of the car and skip happily into the house. They are excited to be home! I can feel their bursts of energy as they chase each other around the house. Their squeals of laughter always bring a smile to my face! The groceries are unpacked, lunch is prepared and the kids are fed.  I am feeling guilty to be excited, but the kids are getting ready for their afternoon nap!

Some peace and quiet, well for now at least. What a morning!

“You will never have this day again with your children, tomorrow they will be older, the days you have with your Children are a gift. Relish and cherish the charms of the presence each and every day.”

- Andrew Guzaldo




Andrew Guzaldo 

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  1. EF says:

    “I am feeling guilty to be excited, but the kids are getting ready for their afternoon nap!” Oh so true! It’s nice to laugh and see we all have similar mornings :)

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