Poppy’s Story Now Immortalised as a Children’s Book

The Littlest Angel
Emily Shaw
Christian Juvenile Fiction
Hi-5 for Poppy
Noember 2017

A Christian fable with a limb difference!

God’s littlest angel is worried about leaving him behind and travelling to earth. Although he promises her a loving mother and father she’s still not sure. Then God suggests something unexpected and the littlest angel might just be able to find a way to bridge heaven and earth.





Poppy Hookway is the poster girl for ‘different is beautiful’ and now her story has been captured in a unique children’s book now available for pre-order.

‘The Littlest Angel’ is a whimsical story that illustrates limb difference in a way that is both beautiful and profound – a link to Heaven. And the titular character was modelled on Poppy herself.

Because Poppy Hookway is no ordinary girl – she has a lucky fin.

The lucky fin, a concept popularised by the titular character in Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, has become a colloquial expression to describe limb difference. Poppy’s lucky fin is her right arm; the lower part of which failed to form in utero.

Her parents, Greg and Anastasia Hookway, are publishing the book under the ironically named Hi-5 for Poppy, the public face of their campaign for limb difference awareness. But publishing a book was not initially a goal of theirs.

“I was searching for books to share with Poppy about limb difference,” explains Mrs Hookway, “but there really weren’t any available.”

Instead, Mrs Hookway penned a post for their Facebook page in early 2017 detailing a conversation between the ‘Littlest Angel’ and God. The post was tremendously well received and the seed was sown for the creation a new book altogether.

littlest angel cover sm

The Hookway’s were heavily involved in the design and style of the book as well as the text itself.

The author and illustrator entrusted with bringing their vision to life, Emily Shaw, was honoured to be asked to work on such a project.

“Honestly this is one of the best projects I’ve been a part of,” she says. “Not only was this so much fun to put together, and the Hookway family so easy to work with, but the story is such a profoundly beautiful one.”

‘The Littlest Angel’ is currently approaching its first print run and pre-orders, only $15 plus postage, have been launched through the Hi-5 for Poppy Facebook page.

The Hi-5 for Poppy Facebook page chronicles the Hookway family’s journey with limb difference which began when Anastasia and Greg Hookway, having already experienced the heartbreak of pregnancy loss, conceived Poppy. Their excitement was tinged with trepidation.

Then, during the routine 20 week morphology scan they were told that their ‘rainbow baby’ – a term used to describe the blessing of a child following a miscarriage or pregnancy loss – was going to be unique.

“I will always remember the day we were offered termination,” says Anastasia, “Right there the tone was set on how some would value the life of my daughter. Right there my life, and Poppy’s life, exploded in beautiful purpose.”

“In that moment, I was given a choice: I could choose to dwell and live in that grief and the ‘what ifs’ of life, or I could choose to take what we’ve been given and make something so beautiful, it’s bound to cause others to stand up and notice.”

And notice they do. Poppy’s story has featured in newspapers around Australia, That’s Life and online at Kidspot.

You can read more about the Hookway’s story, or order your copy of ‘The Littlest Angel’ by following their Facebook page: Hi-5 for Poppy, or by emailing hifiveforpoppy@hotmail.com .



All photos accompanying this story are © April Autumn Ashlyn Family Photography.

All illustrations accompanying this story are © Emily Shaw.


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