Pumpkin And Beetroot Soup


Pumpkin and Beetroot soup! 

So, I got a tad ahead of myself last night and decided to mix it up a bit for my husband’s dinner! 

I began by making pumpkin soup which ended up as Beetroot soup! 


Pumpkin and Beetroot Soup
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  1. A quarter of a kent Pumpkin (I usually roast mine with coconut oil first but you can just steam). I leave some skin on but that's personal preference
  2. A teaspoon of Coconut oil
  3. A dash of natural yoghurt
  4. A handfull of sliced Zucchini (steamed)
  5. A quarter to half tin or fresh beetroot
  6. A cup of water
  7. 1 Chicken stock cube
  1. Mix all together, I use a hand blender stick some might use a regular blender!
To serve
  1. Add some Chia seeds & parsley just before serving! I served this also with some hot bread and butter!
Young Catholic Mums http://youngcatholicmums.com/

To my surprise my husband didn’t mind this meal at all and said although pumpkin soup was his favourite he wouldn’t mind eating this again! High praise!!  

The next day I put some cold soup in a small cup, cut up some carrots and used it as a dip. A little mix of natural or Greek yoghurt will make it a more dip texture! 


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