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Saint Fara (Burgundofara)

Feast: 3rd April

Not too much is known about Fara. As a small child she was consecrated to God, by St Columbanus. Although we do know that she was the daughter of Count Agneric, who tried to make her marry a man. She refused as she knew this was not God’s will. She knew her vocation was to become a nun. Then in the following years she became an Abbess of a convent which she convinced her father to build. The convent was under the rule of St Columbanus, which was very strict. She was at that convent for thirty seven years. 

Many Saints were were under the direction of St Fara. The convent was said to have many miracles occur including healing of illnesses.  At the death of the nuns in the convent, the singing of angelic choirs could be heard from outside of the convent accompanying the souls toward Heaven.   


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