DIY Saint Gemma Galgani Bag Tag



You may remember our Saint Bag Tags that featured Saints Thomas Aquinas, Benedict and Catherine of Alexandra, all of whom are patron saints of students.


With another child off to school this year I added Saint Gemma Galgani to the mix and you can make one yourself, they’re the perfect project for a beginner sewer! And they’re simple to use as well: I just loop the key ring onto a zipper on my child’s school bag.


What you need:

  • The pattern which you can download at the bottom of this post
  • Felt
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • 20cm length ribbon
  • Key ring

What to do:

Print out pattern. Cut out pattern pieces.

Layer pieces as shown.


Sew in place.

Hand sew details on face and name around outside using back stitch.


Fold ribbon in half and pin in place between the front and back pieces.


Sew around edges of front and back pieces taking care to sew through ribbon when you get to it.

Slide key ring onto ribbon and it’s ready to go.





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About the Author: Emily is a former ACPA award winning editor and journalist turned stay at home mum and blogger. She lives on a farm in regional NSW with her husband and their five children where she spends the time she should be doing housework reading books and writing posts.

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