Saint Margaret Clitherow ~ Saint Of The Week


Saint Margaret Clitherow

Feast: 26th March

“The pearl of york” 


Born in England, into a protestant family in 1555. Margaret had a witty sense of humour and was quite attractive. She married a Catholic man, John and they had two children together. 

Two years after she was married she converted to Catholicism. She would open her house to travelling priests and Mass would be secretly offered there. At the time in Yorkshire,  Catholicism was being “stamped out” and the government was getting stricter with their ruling. This did not stop Margaret. Margaret was arrested for her attempts to help priests and was sentenced to death. She was asked if she wanted a trial, yet she wanted to protect her family from having to testify against her so she asked for no trial. Her death was horrendous, she was stretched, had her bones crushed and tortured. 

When she knew that she was to be put to death she said “I feel the weakness of my flesh which is troubled at this news, but my spirit rejoices greatly” (1). 

Her last words as she died were “Jesu,  Jesu, Jesu,  have mercy on me” (2).

Saint Margaret, pray for us. 


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