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My vase of artificial flowers have been sitting in the middle of the table for the last three years! Sometimes it can be nice to change the center piece of the table as it is usually what draws the eye to that space in the house.

Below are four simple ideas you could work with to create you own table center piece. Remember that if you have young children they can climb up onto the chairs, get onto the table and reach for whatever is there! So just ensure the materials you use are safe or out of reach for little hands!

1) Tall glasses filled with water

Fill three tall glasses of different heights with water. Add marbles, artificial flowers, rocks or coloured stones to the water. Once you have done this, place a floating candle on top of the water. This creates a very pretty effect when lighted at night.

2) Single flowers placed in glass bottles  

Place single flowers such as lillies or sunflowers in glass bottles. Arrange them creatively on the table. Use an uneven number of glass bottles as this tends to be visually effective.

3) A large leaf as the main center piece  

Use a large leaf (from your garden or an artificial one) as the main center piece. Place a candle on top along with a simple decorative figurine. You could change the object according to festive seasons or holidays (eg: baubles during Christmas).

4) A fishbowl center piece

Fill a fishbowl with sand, shells, rocks, coloured gems and a few fresh flowers from your garden. Place a candle in the middle of the bowl and secure it by pushing it halfway into the sand. Ensure there are no leaves or flowers placed too near the candle when it is lighted.

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