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The Faith Explained Book Cover The Faith Explained
Leo Trese

The Faith Explained is an all-in-one handbook to help you understand, explain, and defend the great truths of the Catholic Faith. In brief and readable chapters, it explains the purpose of human existence, God and His perfections, the creation and fall of man, the Incarnation, the redemption, the sacraments, sacramentals, prayer, the importance of the Bible, and much more. This book is also a magnificent refresher course on the Faith for Catholics and an illuminating resource for non-Catholics with questions about the Church.

Its style is clear, easy, and engaging, and it avoids theological jargon that might confuse the reader yet doesn't speak down to the reader either. It's a smooth narrative with explanations structured around the articles of the creed, the commandments, and the sacraments. Included is a key to the catechism so it can easily be referenced for particular questions.

The Faith Explained is a compact book that explains the faith in a language that the average person can understand. It is a wonderful reference book for the busy person! It is practical and informational when looking to understand the Catholic Faith.  It also tends to provide a “how-to” on living a good Holy life explaining why the Catholic Church believes and teaches what it does.

What I really like about this book is that it is a great reference to explain a particular topic to a friend. In my daily life I find I am always going back and re-reading sections that I find helpful!
It describes the Catholic faith in detail which makes everything easy to understand, including the opinions of theologians.  I would highly recommend this book and feel it is one of the best books on faith out there – an excellent resource for those seeking a deeper knowledge of the Catholic Church.
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